Feather Bowie with wrought iron guard Desert Ironwood Handle

Mid -Bowie with Spalted Maple Handle and Blued Iron Guard

7” Feathered Fighter with sculpted guard and Buckeye Burl handle

Close up of the Feathered Fighter Guard

10” Feather Bowie with Damascus furniture over a Stag Handle

8” Feather Bowie with Mid Line, 

sculpted guard and Maple Burl handle

Alternating Feather Patter, Damascus fittings with Bronze spacers.  Stag Handle

Closeup of the Sheath

10” Bowie. 1095 Blade with Hamon. Blued steel guard, Bronze Spacer and Desert Ironwood Burl 

10” Feather Bowie, Blued Steel 

fittings and Stag handle

11” Feather Bowie with Damascus fittings and Stag Handle

9 inch feather bowie with curly maple handle

10” Bowie, 1095 Steel, Blued Steel Guard, 

Maple Burl Handle

8” Feather Bowie with Maple Burl Handle

8” Feather Bowie, Blued Steel Guard and Ironwood Burl Handle